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Luxurious Unisex Bamboo Kidswear that Saves the Environment

Luxurious Unisex Bamboo Kidswear that Saves the Environment


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There are so many times that I have wished that some of these #trendytot designs we feature would come in the big people variety and my wish has come true. ‘Cause looky-looky, as I slip a caramel in me mouth as I savour Olive + Splash and their Fall designs that includes the all new “Match Your Mini” collection. That’s right, totes caramel worthy.

This luxurious unisex collection uses only the highest quality eco-friendly materials. Each piece is designed to last for many washes, wears and generations to come. Every collection’s colour scheme is carefully chosen to represent a gender neutral wardrobe, making hand-me-downs easy and enjoyable.

Their clothing and materials are ethically sourced and handmade by people they trust and environments they support. They offer a variety of designs and styles that will complement all your mini adventurers. Their exclusive selection of cashmere soft, eco-friendly bamboo apparel is proudly made in Canada.

Now we have been blown away by bamboo before. We love it as much as the dear panda because bamboo is a powerhouse when protecting the planets resources, it has built in temperature controls to keep you warm in the cold and cooler in the heat. It’s a breathable material that does not contain harmful chemicals and is hypoallergenic with a similar feel to silk. It’s proven to have a 99.98% antibacterial rate keeping your material odourless and just as important, it is UV resistant.

Their bamboo line is great for children who require sensory calming clothes, because it lends a super soft texture to the skin, with easily removable soft tags and each design has minimal seams. Each bamboo product is stamped eco-friendly!

Why do we love Olive + Splash even more? Well besides the name? Come on. Isn’t it a tickle? Yea it is! This company is proud to support the David Suzuki Foundation who work to conserve our environment and find solutions that will create a sustainable Canada. With every Olive + Splash special edition piece, you too are supporting the “giving back” and slow fashion movement.




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