There are many personal and environmental benefits to wearing bamboo clothing, Olive + Splash has designed a whole bamboo children's clothing line that gives back to the David Suzuki Foundation, which is only more reason everyone should be wearing this powerhouse material and support the movement.

The benefits of bamboo outweigh any other material out there, it features built-in temperature controls, which keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, it's chemical-free processing does wonders for the human body and environment we live in, the hypoallergenic fibers are allergy friendly and make a great clothing choice for anyone with sensitivities or require calming sensory clothing, the UV resistant material is a blessing in disguise when it comes to the sun's harmful UV rays, the antibacterial bio-agent 'bamboo kun'; a natural anti-fungal fiber found within bamboo reduces bacteria that thrives on clothing and skin, in addition to its highly moisture absorbent properties it is also biodegradable allowing the textiles to return to the earth in an organic and Eco-friendly way.

The reason we love this material so much goes deeper than its cashmere soft surface. Bamboo fibers itself are naturally round and smooth without any chemical treatment as opposed to some textile fibers that naturally have sharp edges and spurs that irritate the skin and can only be softened with the harshest of chemicals. The scary part about these highly toxic chemicals resting on your skin is they will be absorbed into the blood stream in less than 26 seconds and will be filtered into the your major organs, which can lead to hormone disruption, disorders and even some cancers. When we wash these toxic clothes the chemicals seep into the water and back into the Eco-system which will then be turned into our drinking water, soil for our food and breathing air. Therefore the less chemically processed material is a win for both our bodies and environment.

The best part is, the more washes the material has, the softer the garment becomes making it a pleasure to buy and wear on a continuous basis. Olive + Splash has designed a Canadian made, Eco-friendly garment to protect your precious little ones from the inside out that will last numerous washes, wears and generations to come.