Silver Breathable Face Mask

Silver Breathable Face Mask

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If you loved our Bamboo or Infinity Mask, you will love our newest drop, the Silver Mask! 

It's just as breathable as the Infinity Mask 2.0 and solid, but it loaded with health benefits from shielding the cold and flu to minimizing the harmful effects of cell phones and electronics and keeping the skin clean and bacteria free, say goodbye to maskne.

Wanna know more about silver?

Silver has numerous health properties that have been used across time and culture. It is a powerful antimicrobial agent that aids in cold and flu prevention, wound healing, and skin care. Silver also helps with internal heat regulation and circulation. When applied in the right quantity and manner, silver also provides protection against harmful electromagnetic radiation from cellphones and other electronics.

Silver is best worn when either the immune system is weak or when the body faces a particularly challenging environment, such as travel, toxic urban environments, or hyper-connected office spaces, where we face heightened exposure to both germs and electronics.